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Jewels of a Queen in the Making

Since I can remember I have always loved playing and creating with beads. For years it was just a little something I did on the side, never really making anything worth selling or wouldn't actually fall apart after the first use. :) Through high school, I learned a few tricks and started creating small simple things, that you could actually wear, haha. Then as time went on, I put it all aside and forgot all about my bead passion. About 10 years later, I got married and was busy enjoying the married life and all my surroundings. I even went back to college and was a successful graduate! That was a huge accomplishment for me!

Then my husband and I moved to Chicago. Finding my bead stash when we moved, I realized I really missed my pretty beads and my favorite hobby. So, I was able to get out the beads again and just go at it. I made a few beautiful pieces with bead weaving techniques, but it just wasn't what I really wanted to do. Then I took a very basic jewelry class at an awesome local bead shop where we were working with some beads and a little bit of wire. Once I had my hands on that wire, that was it, I had found my passion and purpose in creating beautiful jewelry.

So with that, I have fallen in love with Swarovski Crystals and wire. I still have only been playing with the wire and crystals for about 2 years now. I'm no where close to being a master, but someday I will be. Right now, what I make is considered an intermediate stage I would guess. I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go. I am learning new skills, techniques, and creations everyday!! I've just recently dipped my tongs into Metalsmithing and I LOVE IT!!!!! I am now addicted to hammers...yes, that's right, hammers. ...words I never thought I would say, but its true. Do you know how many there are??!!?? So, here I am, constantly trying to learn and create beautiful things for you to wear and enjoy. I pour love and pride into every piece I create!

The name of my shop came from the combination of my new addiction and love for Swarovski crystals and wanting to make every woman that wears my jewelry feel like a Queen. Therefore, my name is Jewels of a Queen; my purpose, to let the Queen in you shine!! We are all a Queen, it's time we treated ourselves like one!!

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